Gentaur Products:

Products: X-Chip - Integrated Platform for In-Situ X-Ray Diffraction

Products: IceOff™ Liquid Nitrogen Drizzler from AP innovations


High performance tools for manipulating and mounting small molecule/inorganic crystals and protein/nucleic acid/virus crystals for X-ray crystallography. The easiest to use, lowest background mount available. Ideal for both conventional and high-throughput applications.


High performance tools for manipulating and mounting small fragile samples for X-ray crystallography and a wide variety of other applications. The easiest to use, lowest background loop-style mount available. Now available: MicroLoops LD™, for retrieving samples from small drops and microfluidic cards; and MicroLoops E™ for needle and rod-shaped samples.


The tool of choice for microcrystal crystallography and other microdiffraction applications. MicroMeshes produce almost no background scatter, maximizing your I/σ. Ideal for mounting very small (<30 μm) samples that are hard to retrieve using conventional tools. Also good for mounting rods and plates. Now available: Indexed MicroMeshes™ to simplify locating and relocating crystals.


A new approach to retrieving and mounting samples for room and low temperature measurements. Tiny flexible fingers provide the most gentle support for thin plates, and can gently grip "chunkier" samples and hold them firmly in place. Eliminate sample slippage during room temperature data collection, and ship room-temperature samples to the synchrotron.

MicroRT™ Capillaries

A breakthrough for room temperature crystallography from protein crystals and other environmentally sensitive samples. Dramatically easier to use than X-ray capillaries. Go from the drop to the X-ray beam in one minute with virtually no chance of crystal loss or damage. Collect room and low-temperature data from a single crystal.

Goniometer Bases

High-quality magnetic stainless steel bases with and without copper posts, compatible with existing goniometer heads and automounting equipment, and non-magnetic "brass pin" style bases. For use with MicroMounts, MicroMeshes and the MicroRT system.

Liquid Wicks

For wicking excess liquid from MicroMounts and for cleaning them after use.

Pin Cutters

For precise, burr-free cutting of the hard-temper stainless steel MicroMount pins

LV CryoOil™

The lowest viscosity perfluoropolyether oil available, with very low surface tension and excellent chemical and thermal stability. Ideal for cryoprotecting small crystals and preventing them from dehydrating and oxidizing.


A very high viscosity oil for preventing sample dehydration, for removing excess liquid from around a sample and for immobilizing samples for room temperature measurements. Unlike Paratone-N oil, this oil does not form diffraction rings when cooled.

Jena Bioscience Products:

Crystallization and Cryo Screens

Crystallization screens (for soluble and membrane proteins) and cryo screens.

Crystallization Optimization

Optimize crystal growth: solubilization optimization, stock solutions, buffers, additives, detergents and tools for protein surface engineering.


Heavy atoms salts and halogenated nucleotides