What is ImmunoComb® ?

ImmunoComb® is a unique and patented technology that provides a test for detecting antibody levels in whole blood and serum. The ImmunoComb®veterinary diagnostic kits are designed to aid in the diagnosis ofdisease and the determination of immunity levels of companion animals,farm animals, poultry and laboratory rodents.

The ImmunoComb®is based on the solid-phase “dot”-ELISA principle providingquantitative, semi-quantitative and qualitative results. The solid phaseis a comb-shaped plastic card, hence the trademark name – theImmunoComb® . It provides a serological result, namely measuring of antibody levels in animals’ blood or serum to specific disease agents.

ImmunoComb® Antibody Test Kit:

The developing plate has multiple
compartments, which contain the
necessary reagents for
Comb development.
  • The Comb has 12 teeth.
  • One tooth tests one blood/serum sample.
  • Each tooth can provide up to three tests.
ImmunoComb® Standard ELISA
Can be performed in a simple facility. Ideal for fieldwork. Requires a laboratory equipped with an ELISA reader.
Can analyse individual samples. Faster turn-around time. Large numbers of samples are needed for one ’test-run’. Longer turn-around time.
User friendly, easily learned technique. Must be performed by a trained lab technician.

Comparison with one-step test kits:

* Provides quantitative results. Reliable and accurate. * Most rapid tests provide qualitative results only.

Kit Development Process :

Two ways to read results:
Visually – directly by eye or by using the Comb Scale (calibrated color scale)
Mechanically – by using the CombScan (software).
Everydiagnostic kit provides all the necessary components for testing anumber of animals for the presence of antibodies to three possibleagents. The number of antigens/agents tested depends on the type of kit(ranging from 1 to 3).
Why ImmunoComb® ?
The ImmunoComb® Antibody Test Kits are simple to use and can be performed in places with limited capabilities for laboratory testing. Since they are portablethey can be used in the filed.
The ImmunoComb® Antibody Test Kits are cost-effective, as they allow testing of 3 diseases at once (depending on type of kit) and their prices are competitive with other products in the market. The shelf-liveof each diagnostic kit is one year from the date of production.
The ImmunoComb® Antibody Test Kits have quick developing processesand are obtained within 20-60 minutes, depending on type of kit.
Results of the ImmunoComb® antibody test kits are reliable and accurate, providing quantitative results. These tests aresensitive and permit detection of low levels of antibody in a single serum dilution. Only small amount of blood/serumis required to perform these tests.
ImmunoComb® convenient smaller packagingmakes it easier to use in smaller working places, conserve space shelf and make transporting to field-testing more convenient.