Biochemistry products available to the European veterinary industry


epoc Portable Blood Gas Electrolyte and Critical Care Analyser

The EDGE™ Handheld Lactate Analyser

The epoc analyser is the first wireless point of care testing solution to use smart card technology. The EDGE™ Handheld Lactate Analyser is simple to use with accurate readings in 45 seconds.


E.R.D.-HealthScreen Urine Tests

Synermed International Near-Infrared Diagnostic Reagents

This is an extremely accurate and easy to use diagnostic kit that detects small amounts of albumin in the urine. Most Synermed® reagents are supplied in liquid form and are ready-to-use as supplied, conferring considerable economic advantages and on-board stability.


InSight Electrolyte Analyser

SpotChem EZ Chemistry Analyser

A fully automated analyser that measures various electrolytes in just 60 seconds Automated Analyser for Clinical Chemistry


SpotChem EL Eloctrolyte Analyser


Electrolyte Analyser with ion-sensitive electrodes