Range of biochemistry analysers.


epoc Portable Blood Gas Electrolyte and Critical Care Analyser.

g-Pet Glucose Veterinary Monitoring System.

The epoc analyser is the first wireless point of care testing solution to use smart card technology. Introducing the g-Pet Glucose Veterinary Monitoring System. The g-Pet takes the hassle out of glucose testing in 3 simple steps - making testing easier.


SpotChem EZ Chemistry Analyser

SpotChem EL Electrolyte Analyser

The SpotChem EZ is a fully automated clinical chemistry analyser offering 22 parameters, with single parameters and multistrip panels available The SpotChem EL is a electrolyte analyser with ion-sensitive electrodes


PocketChem BA Blood Ammonia Analyser

PocketChem UA Urine Analyser

The PocketChem BA allows blood ammonia measurement to be conducted in the palm of your hand The PocketChem UA is a compact urine analyser the provides rapid and precise urinalysis results


Rapid Canine CRP Assay

The EDGE™ Handheld Lactate Analyser

Infectious And Chronic Inflammatory Disease Marker The EDGE™ Handheld Lactate Analyser is simple to use with accurate readings in 45 seconds.


Pulset Arterial Blood Gas Syringe


A complete and accurate product for arterial blood gas and electrolyte sampling. Hand-held Veterinary Refractometer. Instantly determining urine specific gravity and protein concentration in plasma, serum or peritoneal fluid.


InSight Electrolyte Analyser


A fully automated analyser that measures various electrolytes in just 60 seconds