Omnicon Zone Reader - Antibiotic Potency Testing

OMNICON Zone Reader - Antibiotic potency testing

OMNICON Zone Reader - Antibiotic Zone Reader

Multi Plate Bio Assay - 100mm dishes - Antibiotic Potency Testing
Measuring zone diameters has never been easier. Using the OMNICON Zone Reader you can get fast reproducible, quantitative antibiotic potency results while automating one of the most time-consuming, tedious tasks in your lab.

The OMNICON Zones of Inhibition software enables automatic zone diameter measuring, applies the USP Outlier Test or Gap Test, performs all calculation based on percent label claim or weight and dilution. Regardless of the agar diffusion method being used, Peni Cylinders, cut wells or paper disc, the OMNICON Zone Reader analyzes them all effortlessly. The Zones of Inhibition system software is 21 CFR Part 11 Electronic Records and Signature compliant, and provides three levels of security, encrypted data files and comprehensive audit trails.

The reader can confirm and determine potencies of twelve antibiotics in the time it takes to read only one using the Fisher-Lilly Antibiotic Zone Reader or caliper. The OMNICON Zone Reader can read an entire USP / CFR Standard Curve, perform all calculations, generate and print the Standard Report, Standard Curve and Sample Report in less than two minutes. The system can easily be modified specifically conform to a wide range of requirements and procedures.

Pharmacopeia Specific Software
The OMNICON Zone Reader integrates image analysis, comparison and reporting to provide accurate results in record time. The software can perform antibiotic potency (bio-assays) testing conforming to:
- United States Pharmacopeia (USP), Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), and Association of Analytical Communities (AOAC International) on 100mm round petri dishes
- European Pharmacopeia (EP) and British Pharmacopeia (BP) on 100mm round petri dishes
- Society of Japanese Pharmacopeia (JP) on 100mm round petri dishes