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Gentaur Worldwide is happy to announce that our new product MultiGel-21 is available for sale. It is capable of working on common DNA Gel documentation and also Chemiluminescence detection for western blot and other blot. All our image system is equipped with cool CCD and this high sensitive CCD mount on our common DNA gel documentation lead to more accurate quantitative data. The product is also very affordable.

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1. CCD Capture system, 1/2" microlens, grayscale image.
2. -25C cool CCD, high sensitivity for weak signal.
3. Resolution: 1392(H)x1040(V), (1,447,000 pixels/ expandable5, 790,000 pixels).
4. Preview resolution: 1392(H)x1040(V), twice faster.
5. filter selector: mounted on top of machine, easy to insert filter or take off filter. 4 filter well, rotated selection, dark box with EtBr filter. (Option: other
wavelength / SYBR Green filter, SYPRO Ruby filter)
6. Quantitative resolution: 16 bits, 65535 scale.
7. Filter wavelength: 600 nm x 1ea
8. Exposure time: 0,001 seconds to 100,000 seconds (>24 hours).
9. Application: EtBr Gel, SYBR Green Gel, SyPRO Orange Gel, SYPRO Ruby, western blot, X-ray film, TLC, Tissue Selection, Commasie blue Gel, Coloty plate, Realtime
electrophoresis, chemiluminescence.
10. Computer connection: be able to connect with notebook, or PC
11. Zoom Lens: 8-48 mm / f1.2, (option: 8-48mm / f1.0)
12. reflectance light: white, 8wX2. (option: UV light, 254nm, 306nm, 365nm)
13. safety door: automatic shut down UV when door is open, can switch to continue light on when door is open for gel cutting.
14. quantitate each band intensity, can merge different color image, image calculation, area calculation, length calculation, 3D image display.
15. Option: flexible fluorescent lamp for real time electrophoresis or fluorescent sample, wavelength 440 nm, flexible tube, can be adjust any angle position.
16. UV wavelength: 306 nm, 15W x 6 tubes, fast lighting up, high and low intensity switch, UV view size = 200 x 200 mm (Option: other wavelength selection, 2254 nm, 365nm
or dual wavelength 254 + 365 nm, view size = 20x35cm).
17. Realtime Electrophoresis: continuously tracking and record the proceeding gel images, prevent DNA band run over from gel area.
18. UV LightBox can move in and out freely. Convenience for cutting gel operation.
19. Two hand-operated doors located on the left and right side. UV resistant window open with two layers of UV resistant protection.


multigel specification