Dialysis & Buffer exchange

The Gentaurflex-tube series

The Gentaurflex-tube is an innovative dialysis tube defining the next generation of dialysis & buffer exchange technology.  

With its user friendly design, the Gentaurflex-tube can be conveniently loaded and unloaded using any standard pipette tip while still allowing for a record breaking 98% sample recovery yield.

The revolutionary design of the Gentaurflex-tube  makes it the only dialysis tool which enables true high throughput dialysis, accommodating a large number of samples in a single buffer tank.


 The Gentaurflex-tube allows rapid, high performance extraction of macromolecules without contamination. It is ideal for purification of proteins, automated protein sequencing, peptide mapping and amino acid analysis.

·         Dialysis or buffer exchange of volumes between 10ml and 20 ml.
·         Preparation of protein samples for MALDI-MS.
·         Sample concentration.
·         Large-scale protein dialysis such as antibodies and recombinant protein purification.
·         Peptide dialysis for molecules as small as 10 amino acids.
·         Virus-particle purification.
·         Removal of contaminating micro molecules.
·         Purification of tissue culture extracts.
·         Removal of salts, surfactants, solvents and detergents.
·         Complex formation studies (protein-protein, protein-DNA and protein-RNA).
·         pH and buffer adjustment of sample solution, protein extract or cell extract.
·         High through- put dialysis, a single beaker can be used for several Gentaurflex-tubes on one floating pad.

For your convenience the Gentaurflex-tube comes in four sizes:

  • Mini: 10 - 250 µl
  • Midi: 50 - 800 µl
  • Maxi:0.1 - 3ml
  • Mega: 3 - 20ml