QBC Haematology

Point Of Care Diagnostics - QBC Haematology Analyser

The QBC STAR haematology analyser and the QBC Autoread Plus haematology analyser are both based around dry reagent technology and provide a 9-parameter blood count in just 7 minutes. Based on the principle of fluorescence and the quantitative buffy coat, the analysers are able to simply use one tube for blood collection and analysis, making them ideal for Point Of Care diagnostics in doctors surgeries, small labs, rural and remote healthcare settings.Contact us for distributors in your country, or for a quotation.



QBC STAR Point Of Care Haematology System

QBC Autoread™ Plus Haematology System

The QBC Star™ Point Of Care Haematology System is the only TRUE POINT OF CARE solution for in-office CBC testing. The QBC Autoread™ Plus is an effective and accurate solution for CBC testing with fast reliable and economic diagnosis.


QBC Haematology Test Kits and Accessories

QBC Synthetic Control

QBC Tubes for use with the QBC STAR and QBC Autoread Plus haematology systems A three level control system designed to ensure the precision and accuracy of the QBC Autoread Plus hematology system


QBC Controls


The QBC Controls have been designed exclusively for use with the QBC Haematology Systems including the QBC Autoread Plus and QBC STAR.