Blood Pressure Monitoring:

Blood pressure monitors available for rental or purchase - various options available including professional, portable, print out, wrist, upper arm, continuous, ambulatory and PC output.


Omron M6 Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor with Print Out

This clinically validated blood pressure monitor measures heart rate and blood pressure and has IntelliSense® technology for additional safety. This fully automatic BP monitor can store up to 28 reading and can out put to a printer.


Omron 907 Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron M5i Blood Pressure Monitor

The clinically validated automatic blood pressure monitor designed for professional use. This fully automatic blood pressure monitor is ideal for spot-checking purposes.


Carescape V100 Blood Pressure Monitor

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

The Carescape V100 monitor is able to accurately measure blood pressure along with pulse rate, NIBP, SpO2 and temperature. This ambulatory blood pressure monitor provides fast, accurate results enabling users to fine-tune their patients treatment.


Dinamap Continuous Blood Pressure Monitor

M24-7 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

The Dinamap® is a world leader in providing accurate and reliable blood pressure monitoring. The M24/7 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Moniotr is fully automatic. Windows based software is included for easy set up and analysis of results.