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Gentaur's Antibody register

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The Registry was created to give researchers a way to universally identify antibodies used in in the course of their research. The Registry assigns unique and persistent identifiers to each antibody so that they can be referenced within publications. Unlike antibody names or catalog numbers, these identifiers only point to a single antibody, so that the actual antibody used in your research research can be identified by humans and search engines. The Registry includes commercial antibodies from about 200 vendors. If the antibody that you are using does not appear in the list, please add your antibody by filling in as little as 2 pieces of information: the catalog number and the url of the vendor where our curators can find information and material data sheets. Home-grown antibodies may be added as well, although additional information may be required. After submitting an antibody, a permanent identifier is assigned that can be used in publications. This identifier can be quickly traced back in the antibody registry. We never delete records, so even when an antibody disappears from a vendor's catalog, or is sold to another vendor, we can trace the provenance of that antibody.