TARGATT™ Gene Modification

TARGATT™ Fast & Efficient Gene Modification in Human Cells. Make your cell line in 3 months!

  • Efficient insertion of any gene
  • Single-copy
  • Stable expression

Based on our proprietary site-specific TARGATT™ technology for fast knock-in mouse (KI) generation, recently developed a TARGATT™ system specifically for introducing gene(s) of interest into mammalian cell lines. The unique advantage of this system is that any gene of interest can be inserted efficiently into a defined, transcriptionally-active locus with high gene expression in a single copy fashion.



Technical Details:

TARGATT™ technology enables highly efficient site-specific gene integration in mammalian cells and animals1, 2. This technology uses ?C31 integrase to insert any gene of interest into a docking site, pre-engineered in an intergenic region and transcriptionally active genomic locus. Our TARGATT™ technology improves several aspects in the generation of transgenic cell lines and animals: (1) High integration efficiency mediated by ?C31 integrase reduces time and cost; (2) Site-specific integration at a pre-selected genomic locus eliminates position effect and ensures high level expression of the transgene; (3) Integration at intergenic region ensures that no internal genes are interrupted; (4) Single copy gene integration eliminates repeat-induced gene silencing and genomic instability; (5) Site-specific integration allows a precise comparison of the effects of the transgenes among different lines. TARGATT™ technology can be utilized for a variety of applications including reporter gene expression, gene knockdown, disease cell and animal models.

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J. Rossant, L.M.J. Nutter, M. Gertsenstein, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 108, 7650 (2011)