TALEN Products

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Target and Modify AnyGene

·        Distributor & Transposagen’s XTNTM TALs offer custom geneticmodification of nearly any sequence in any genome of any species.

·        XTNTM TALs empower you to edit, knockout or knock-in any sequence, with applications incells, animals and plants.

·        Distirbutor & Transposagen'slicensed FLASHXTNTM TALproduction system improvesefficiency and reduces timelines and cost.  Site-specific geneticmodification is now more affordable than ever. 

·        Validated:  XTNTM TALsare sequence verified and supplied in pre-tested expression vectors for optimalefficiency. 

·        Precise and Reliable:  XTNTM TALswill bind and cut your target site or we will make you a new one for free.

·        Affordable and Flexible:  Custom  XTNTM TALs are affordable with absolutely no restrictions onuse.   

·        Speed:  Fastest turnaround time in the industry.