Gentaur products:

SD20 - Semi Dry Blotter

The SD20, Semi Dry Blotter, offers rapid transfer times for DNA, RNA and protein blotting – typically 15 to 30 minutes. It can be used for all types of blotting: western, Southern and northern via uncomplicated buffer and set up procedures and is compatible with gel thicknesses from 0.25 up to 10mm without the need for additional equipment.
Semi Dry Blotting has the added benefit of economic transfers due to very low buffer volumes – typically only a few millilitres of buffer are required per transfer. The Semi-Dry Blotters utilise a screw down lid, which secures the blot sandwich and allows complete control of pressure ensuring even transfer. The electrodes, comprising platinum coated anode and stainless steel cathode, will exhibit practically no corrosion and so provide many years of trouble free use.
Uniform heat dispersion across the blot sandwich ensures stable transfer times and no heat induced sample loss or transfer distortions. Electrode plates are fully separated to prevent arcing or damage.


• Rapid transfer times
• Western, Southern and Northern Blots
• Economic Transfers due to very low buffer
• Screw down lid – gels from 0.25 up to 10mm thick
can be blotted
• Uniform heat dispersion
• Injection Moulded


VS20D - omniPAGE Maxi

The preferred unit for maxi protein electrophoresis, the omniPAGE maxi unit combines convenient ease of use features with high resolution separations. Simple set up using ultra soft silicone seals guarantees trouble free glass plate loading and gel casting.
Dual gaskets on the gel running insert, along with notched and plain glass plates, ensure leak proof gel running. Rapid set up cooling retains resolution in extended separations and also saves on buffer volume without affecting run quality.
Glass plates reduce breakage and have bonded spacers for added convenience. A wide range of accessories is available allowing many techniques to be performed using the same unit. Prep combs can be used to maximize sample loading and recovery. Accessory electroblotting and tube gel modules are available which use the same outer tank and lid.


• Ideal for high resolution separations
• Rapid gel casting and loading
• Optional low or high buffer volumes
• Rapid set up cooling

Typical Applications

Maxi SDS PAGE, Native PAGE,
Gradient, Second dimension
and Nucleic acid separations