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Proteinase K

Enzyme description
Proteinase K is one of the most active endopeptidases ever known.
The enzyme exhibits extremely effective degradation of both native
and denatured proteins. Proteinase K is widely recomended for quick
deactivation of endogenious RNAses and DNAses within the first steps
of nucleic acids isolation.

We produce recombined Proteinase K possessing endopeptidase
activity identical to market available products from world leading
competitors. The enzyme is fully compatible with a wide portfolio of
Gentaur and other vendors DNA/RNA isolation kits.

• Highest quality due to unpresended purity grade
• Totally DNA / RNA free enzyme, dedicated to applications sensitive to
exogenious nucleic acids
• DNAse and RNAse free product
• We are a direct producer and offer highest grade enzyme at low cost

Products range

Proteinase K 1 g Cat # 1019-1L
Proteinase K 250 mg Cat # 1019-250L
Proteinase K 100 mg Cat # 1019-100L
Proteinase K 25 mg Cat # 1019-25L

Ready-to-use solution
Proteinase K (20 mg/ml) 1 ml Cat # 1019-20