Horizontal electrophoresis

Horizontal Electrophoresis Equipment

multiSUB Mini

The multiSUB Mini is the smallest unit in the range, designed for low to medium numbers of samples. The small gel size maximises run economy but does not compromise versatility as two tray options are available ? 7 x 7cm and 7 x 10cm, and combs ranging.

MS7-UV7 Multi Sub Mini, 7 x 7cm UV Tray - 71 Euro
MS7-UV10 Multi Sub Mini, 7 x 10cm UV Tray – 76 Euro

With gel tray options of 10 x 7cm and 10 x 10cm, the multiSUB Midi has been designed for routine horizontal gel electrophoresis. Extending only the width of this unit allows more samples to be resolved per gel than the multiSUB Mini without a significan.

MS10-UV7 Multi Sub Midi, 10 x 7cm UV Tray – 77 euro
MS10-UV10 Multi Sub Midi, 10 x 10cm UV Tray– 80 Euro

The multiSUB Choice offers a wide degree of versatility. Three tray options are available - 15 x 7cm, 15 x 10cm and 15 x 15cm - allowing the choice of one, two or all three gel length options at the time of purchase. Further purchases of additional acce.

MS15-UV10 Multi Sub Choice, 15 x 10cm UV Tray – 83 Euro
MSCHOICE10 multiSUB Choice, 15 x 10cm UV Tray, 2 x 20 sample combs, loading guides and dams - 261 Euro

The multiSUB Maxi is primarily designed for resolution of high numbers of samples such as from Cloning or PCR. The multiSUB Maxi allows ultra high-resolution separations over extended runs. Tray sizes correspond to standard blotter sizes.

MSMAXI25 Multi Sub Maxi, 20 x 25cm UV Tray, 2 x 20 sample, 1mm thick combs, casting dams, loading guides – 419 Euro

Designed for rapid screening of very large numbers of Clonal or PCR samples, the multiSUB Screen horizontal gel unit has a 672 maximum sample capacity per gel. This allows loading and analysis of exactly seven 96 well format micro titre plates.

MSSCREEN32 Multi SUB Screen, 26 x 32cm UV Tray, 6 x 28 sample combs, loading guides, End Dams – 535 Euro