Rapid Clearing without the Toxic Hazards of Xylene



· Biodegradable

· Superior Results with Low Citrus Odor

· Natural Product with Food Grade RatingWorld-Wide

- No longer having to breathe xylenewhen preparing histological sections.

- Distilled from oranges, carefully purified, andstabilized, Histo-Clear is one of the safest clearingagents available.

- Histo-Clearnot only improves safety but also results.

- Histo-Clearleaves tissue less hard and brittle than xylene,facilitating the cutting of thin sections and prolonging microtome blade life.

- Histo-Clearenhances the clarity and vibrance of acidophilicstains and improves staining of Harris' Hematoxylinwith a brighter Eosin background.

- Histo-Clearcan directly substitute for xylene and yieldsexcellent results in automated tissue processing.