ChromaLink™ One-Shot Antibody Biotinylation Kit

Single-reaction labeling kit with biotinylation reproducibility
The ChromaLink™ One-Shot Antibody Biotinylation Kit provides convenient, measurable biotinylation of 100 µg of antibody. The kit contains ChromaLink™ Biotin, which incorporates a UV-traceable chromophore, based on Solulink’s proprietary linking technology, to enable reproducibility in your biotinylation process. Now you can measure the degree of biotinylation in minutes, not hours, without the standard curves required for HABA/avidin and fluoro-reporter assays. With a simple and direct UV scan (A280 and A354), you can quantify biotin incorporation and ensure reproducible production of consistent batches.

 Download White Paper: How to Biotinylate with Quantifiable Results

The ChromaLink™ One-Shot Antibody Biotinylation Kit includes everything you need to biotinylate your antibody:  buffers, reagents, spin columns, and easy-to-follow protocols. With the ChromaLink™ One-Shot Antibody Biotinylation Kit, you can biotinylate and purify 100 µg of antibody in about 2.5 hours. The resulting biotinylated antibody is ready for binding to streptavidin. We recommend our NanoLink™ Streptavidin Magnetic Beads (Cat. No. M-1002-010) with the highest biotin-binding capacity available for high-sensitivity ELISA, western blot, IHC, or immunoassay development.

ChromaLink™ One-Shot Antibody Biotinylation Kit Advantages

  • Reproducible Production UV-traceable chromophore permits nondestructive, rapid A280/A354 quantification of incorporated biotin, enabling consistency and reproducibility
  • Extended PEG3 Spacer – Helps reduce aggregation, minimizes steric hindrance, and enhances solubility
  • One-shot – All components sized to quickly label 100 µg of antibody
  • Convenient – Kit contains buffers, spin columns, and calculator to determine MSR

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