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Gentaur's Products: Simple, Fast, and Background-free IHC staining of Human and Animal Tissues



Gentaur offers an extensive line of BACKGROUND FREE, SHORT INCUBATION (10 minute) PRIMARY ANTIBODIES with 3 years of shelf life. Suitable for paraffin and frozen tissue stainings, no serum blocking required.
All Gentaur primary antibodies are suitable for paraffin section staining and do not require long incubation, high heat antigen recovery or enzyme digestion when stained with Gentaur Staining systems.

All suitable for paraffin and frozen tissue stainings, no serum blocking required.

• Background free
• No serum blocks or other blocking step required
• Wash free
• 3 years of shelf life
• Fixation independent: Antibodies perform with all histological fixatives
• Short incubation time, 10-20 minutes with Gentaur staining systems
• Larger volumes (7 ml size) for 95% of Pre-titered, Ready-To-Use antibodies, 10 minutes with stat-Q
• No-humidified chamber required for hours to overnight incubation
• All antibodies are affinity purified
• Automation compatible
• Compatible with all other staining systems, 20 minutes incubation
• Cost effective

Product numbers ending in C are concentrate antibodies
Product numbers ending in P are Ready-to-Use antibodies (Pre-titered) 

Primary Antibody List - P to R

Item# Product Description Source Unit
MAB373C p21, Ras Oncoprotein Mouse 0.5 ml
MAB379C p-53 Oncoprotein Mouse 0.5 ml
MAB379P p-53 Oncoprotein Mouse 5 ml
PAB720C Pancreatic Polypeptide Rabbit 0.5 ml
MAB785C Pan Cytokeratins Mouse 0.5 ml
MAB785P Pan Cytokeratins Mouse 7 ml
MAB482C Papilloma Virus (HPV) Mouse 0.5 ml
MAB482P Papilloma Virus (HPV) Mouse 7 ml
MAB748C Papiloma Virus 16 &18 antibody (NEW 2012) Mouse 0.5 ml
PAB488C Parathyroid Hormone Rabbit 0.5 ml
PAB488P Parathyroid Hormone Rabbit 7 ml
MAB374C PCNA (Proliforating Cell Nuclear Ag) Mouse 0.5 ml
MAB374P PCNA (Proliforating Cell Nuclear Ag) Mouse 5 ml
  PECAM (see CD31)
MAB393C P-glycoprotein (Multi Drug Resistance Marker) Mouse 0.5 ml
MAB393P P-glycoprotein (Multi Drug Resistance Marker) Mouse 5 ml
MAB376C PLAP Mouse 0.5 ml
MAB376P PLAP Mouse 7 ml
  Platelet (See-CD63)
MAB375C Pneumocystis Carinii Mouse 0.5 ml
MAB375P Pneumocystis Carinii Mouse 7 ml
MAB489C Progesterone Mouse 0.5 ml
MAB489P Progesterone Mouse 7 ml
MAB380C Progesterone Receptor (PR) Mouse 0.5 ml
MAB380P Progesterone Receptor (PR) Mouse 5 ml
PAB485C Prolactin Rabbit 0.5 ml
PAB485P Prolactin Rabbit 7 ml
MAB378C Prostate Specific Acid-Phosphatase (PSAP) Mouse 0.5 ml
MAB378P Prostate Specific Acid-Phosphatase (PSAP) Mouse 7 ml
MAB377C Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Mouse 0.5 ml
MAB377P Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Mouse 7 ml
  P-Selectin (See CD62)
  Reed Stemberg Cells (see CD15 & C030)
MAB566C Rhabdomyosarcoma Mouse 0.5 ml
MAB566P Rhabdomyosarcoma Mouse 5 ml