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Gentaur's Products: Simple, Fast, and Background-free IHC staining of Human and Animal Tissues


For No-Wash, No-Background STAT (rapid) Double Immunostaining

Gentaur offers an innovative and peerless Double staining technology for quick, wash free, and background free DOUBLE IMMUNOSTAINING.

Gentaur STAT Double Staining Systems are suitable for staining two antibodies simultaneously and in 3 easy steps:

1.  Apply both antibodies at the same time and incubate for 30 minutes; rinse with PBS buffer for 5 seconds;

2.  Apply Gentaur Double ImmunoStain reagent and incubate for 30 minutes; rinse for 5 seconds;

3.  Apply each recommended chromogen of choice individually and rinse with water; counterstain and mount.

For the choice of counterstain and chromogens of choice, refer to the guidelines below.  For maximum contrasted viewing, Gentaur recommends the following categories of chromogens, counterstain and mount.

For hematoxylin (blue nuclear counterstaining):  The recommended chromogens for dounble staining are: Gentaur Fast Red (red stain) and DAB (brown stain).  The use of Gentaur DAB Enhancer and Fast Red Enhancer for darker stains are  recommended.


For methyl green, nuclear red or mathanil yellow counterstains, the recommended chromogens for double staining are: BCIP/NBT (blue stain) and AEC (red stain). The use of Gentaur AEC Enhancer for obtaining darker and more intensified staining is highly recommended.


STAT Double Immunostaining Reagents are currently available for staining:
  • Mouse-Rabbit, for double staining mouse and rabbit antibodies
  • Mouse-Sheep, for double staining mouse and sheep antibodies
  • Mouse-Goat, for double staining mouse and goat antibodies


Item# Product Description Unit
NB326DB Double staining reagent for Mouse and Rabbit antibodies 25 ml
NB327DB Double staining reagent for Mouse and Goat antibodies 25 ml
NB330DB Double staining reagent for staining Mouse and Sheep antibodies 25 ml