His-Tag Protein Purification Mini Kit

This kit offers a rapid and easy purification to purify 6× histidine-tagged proteins from bacteria. Pre-packed column with high quality resin and simple protocols speed up your work flow and make protein purification more reliable. The kits contain cell lysis and purification buffer (containing imidazloe) for 5 purifications. For unclarified and clarified cell lysates, the column also can provide suitable purifications by centrifugation or gravity flow. The design means that purification of His-tagged proteins is easier than ever before.

  • Ready-to-use columns
  • Purification under native and denaturing conditions
  • Protein binding capacity of column is 3 mg~10 mg
  • Allows purification by centrifugation (for unclarified cell lysates) and gravity flow (for clarified cell lysates)
  • Contains cell lysis buffer and the capacity up to 100 ml of bacterial culture per purification
  • Columns can be regenerated by using stripping and charging buffer with kits

  • Functional and structural studies
  • Multi-TOF analysis
  • Covalent modification
  • Immunization
  • Ligand-receptor interaction
Quality Control

Each lot of His-tag Protein Purification kits are tested against preset specifications to ensure consistent quality.


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# FYP101-5P (5 preps)
His Yealose (resin) (3~10 mg/column) 1 column
Enzyme Mix B 1 ml x 6
2× Equilibration Buffer 50 ml
Washing Buffer 50 ml
Elution Buffer 50 ml
Stripping Buffer 50 ml
Charging Buffer 30 ml
Collection Tube 4 pcs
# FYP101-25P (25 preps)
His-Tag Protein Purification Refresh Buffer Set
2× Equilibration Buffer 250 ml
Washing Buffer 250 ml
Elution Buffer 250 ml
Stripping Buffer 250 ml
Charging Buffer 150 ml
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