Competent Cells

We are the world's leading competent cells manufacturing biotechnology company, providing customers from all over the world with reliable and quality competent cells. Gentaur Biotech Co., Ltd. owns the patent of ECOS technology (including protocol) exclusively in Canada (TMA622,671), USA (US 6,864,088, US 7,098,033, US 7,820,443), UK (GB2383582), German (Nr. 102 51 429), France (FR 2832727), Taiwan (I 229696), China (ZL 2005 1 0112590.8), Korea (0604787), and Japan (4867595). Under the patented protocol, transformation with our ECOS chemically competent cells can be finished in one step within one minute without the need for SOC recovery step. Therefore, ECOS competent cells are the fastest transforming cells worldwide. 

In order to meet customer needs, we provide OEM of E. coli competent cells using our ECOS technology. Any E. coli strain can be prepared to become ECOS competent cells which can be transformed using our patented protocols. Customers will only need to send the E. coli strain to us along with information of its genotype and note for basic culture conditions. Typically, the total procedure can be finished in 30-60 days. However, a minimum order of160 tubes (100 μl/tube) is required for this service.
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