Thermostable β-Agarase

Thermostable ß-Agarase is an enzyme which hydrolyzes ß-1,4 linkages in agarose to produce neoagaro-oligosaccharides. Agarose digested by Thermostable ß-Agarase does not gelate again, therefore, nucleic acids can be recovered from agarose gels. Thermostable ß-Agarase has a higher thermostability and stronger hydrolyzing activity than conventional Thermostable ß-Agarase. Furthermore, a simple protocol allows for quick DNA and RNA purification. This enzyme is particularly suitable for purification of intact large DNA.


  • Cold storage is possible (4 – 8°C)
  • Easy to use, only add enzyme
  • Work with standard agarose
  • Enable to recover intact large DNA

Purification of DNA for direct use in cloning, restriction digestion and sequencing etc.

Quality Control

Unit definition one unit of Thermostable β-Agarase produces reducing sugar equivalent to 1 μmol of D-galactose per minute at 60°C.




Store at


# FYA001-30U (30 units)
Thermostable β-Agarase (1 U/μl) 30 μl
# FYA002-100U (100 units)
Thermostable β-Agarase (1 U/μl) 100 μl
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