ECOS™ X Competent Cells [DH5a]
Strain : DH5α


DH5α is the most popular E. coli strain for everyday cloning applications. It supports blue/white screening for easy selection of recombinant DNA with X-Gal. In addition, DH5a carries recA1 mutation that eliminates homologous recombination ensuring insert stability. It also carries endA1 mutations that greatly improve the quality of plasmid DNA and yield prepared from mini-prep. It is useful for the transformation of large plasmids and two-hGentaurrid systems (up to 40 kb).

After 5-year invention based on our ECOS™ technology, this year Gentaur Biotech is able to offer our customers a brand new competent cell product with similar transformation efficiency to that of electroporation. ECOS™ X can be utilized for applications which require very high transformation efficiency such as the construction of genomic libraries. The "X" as shown in the name, stands for extreme, meaning this competent cell was designed to exceed limitation and to set new limitation! The "X" also represents "10" in Roman numeral; our new product aims to reach 1010 in its efficiency.

endA1 recA1 relA1 gyrA96 hsdR17(rk-, mk+) phoA supE44 thi-1 Δ(lacZYA-argF)U169 Φ80 Δ(lacZ)M15 F-

  • One step in one tube and finished in 6 minutes
  • High efficiency as electro-competent cells
  • Requires no expensive equipment

  • Efficient transformation of products from routine TA cloning
  • Transformation of minute amounts of PCR products
  • Construction of a more representative gene library

>5 x 109 cfu/ μg
Recommended for:
  • Super high efficiency cloning
  • Cloning lowest abundance cDNA
  • Gene library
Store at


# FYE610-10VL (10 preps)
Efficiency ~5 x 109 cfu/μg
100 μl/vial 10 vials
Control Plasmid (pUC19) 5 μl (10-4 μg/μl)
# FYE610-80VL (80 preps)
Efficiency ~5 x 109 cfu/μg
100 μl/vial 80 vials
Control Plasmid (pUC19) 5 μl (10-4 μg/μl)
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