G25 Oligo Clean Up Kit

G25 Oligo Clean Up Kit consists of prepacked Sephadax G-25 pre-hydrated with double-distilled water and are ideal for purifying synthesized primers or any DNA oligos. G25 Oligo Clean Up Kit can purify DNA fragments larger than 10 bases in length with low molecular weight material retained in the gel matrix of the column. Since G25 Oligo Clean Up Kit are designed to purify DNA fragments >10 bases only, they are not recommended for PCR product primer removal.


  • Sample : 20 to 100 µl
  • Filtrate : >10 bases
  • Format : spin column (centrifuge)

  • Purifying oligonucleotides/end-labeled oligonucleotides
  • Desalting and buffer exchange
  • Purifying DNA fragments
Quality Control

The quality of the G25 Oligo Clean Up Kit is tested on a lot-to-lot basis. The purified DNA is checked by electrophoresis.


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