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An exceptional tool for drawing publication and vector catalog quality maps and designing cloning experiments

Exceptional Publication QualityPlasmid Maps
Whether you are a catalog company selling engineered plasmids or conducting restriction or recombinant cloning experiments, SimVector will help you simulate the experiments and create publication quality maps from start to finish. Use it to draw circular and linear vector maps in a variety of colors, patterns, fonts and line types. Display enzyme names in two font styles with the bacterium portion in Italics as is traditional. Use even more than one font style and color in a single textual word anywhere in the map including in the feature annotations. Export plasmid maps in EPS format for Adobe Illustrator 10, SVG for Microsoft Power Point 2002 or as ready-to-host web pages. Choose JPEG, TIFF and PNG formats for export.
Multiple Cloning Site (MCS) Display is Unique to SimVector
Vector catalogs generally display MCS's in a unique format, with enzymes one above the other in a vertical list. SimVector identifies the MCS's by interpreting GenBank header annotations or you can specify them manually. It then draws them in this special format we call the "Bracket View". It even has the smarts to list only the enzymes that cut within the MCS and nowhere else. Lightning Fast Cloning Simulation SimVector transforms annotations in sequence headers from GenBank or local files into fully illustrated maps. The cloning wizard steps you through popular recombinant protocols such as Gateway® and TA, as well as single or two enzyme restriction cloning. ORF search helps you ensure that the construct remains in-frame. With a click of a button, you can translate sequences of expressed proteins to check for possible
reading frame errors. With SimVector, cloning simulation is as simple as clicking a few buttons.
Restriction Enzyme Analysis
SimVector has a comprehensive restriction enzyme analysis facility. Choose from a database of more than a thousand restriction enzymes or use a popular commercial enzyme set we have preloaded. You can even design your own custom enzyme sets.
Biologist-designed Intuitive Interface
SimVector has an intuitive biologist-designed interface for cloning simulation and sequence analysis. Point-and- click wizards make it easy to use even for beginners, while versatile functionality offers full control for experts.

To activate & evaluate, follow these steps
- Install SimVector from the website or the CD
- Launch and click Evaluate on the first window that opens
- Enter the evaluation key requested from us

Cat.Number: SV3

PRICE: $685,00