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Design qPCR, xMAP® and Microarray Assays for Related Organisms

AlleleID® is a comprehensive desktop tool designed to address the challenges of taxa/species discrimination using qPCR, xMAP® and microarrays.
Species Specific or Cross Species Assays: To design species identification assays, AlleleID® aligns sequences using ClustalW and analyzes conserved and species specific regions to design oligos for TaqMan®/
molecular beacon assays, xMAP® assays& microarrays. The assays are designed to detect only the strain or species of interest from the mix. For cross species assays, AlleleID® identifies the conserved regions to design a universal probe. For related organisms, AlleleID® can be used to study gene expression when genome draft of the organism under study is not available. This powerful functionality is sure to help in many challenging tasks such as detection, identification, quantification of pathogens, bacteria, contaminants...

Sophisticated Algorithms for Assay
Success: Highly specific oligos are designed by avoiding regions of significant homologies found by automatically interpreting BLAST results. Primer efficiency is enhanced by avoiding template secondary structures. "Minimal Set", one of the most innovative features in the program, helps design the fewest number of oligos that uniquely identify each species/strain/taxa from the mix, lowering assay costs. For taxa or cross
species assays, this feature is especially useful when the group or taxa is highly dissimilar. For a partial set of pre-designed, proven primers and probes, AlleleID® can design compatible oligos.

xMAP® Assays: AlleleID® can design strain differentiation multiplex assays for Suspension Array systems based on Luminex's xMAP® technology. For users working with closely related organisms, this functionality enables running experiments in a single reaction vessel. Support for single template xMAP® assays is also available wherein oligos are designed for rapid and high-throughput detection of nucleic acid sequences. Pre-designed proven oligos can be used and oligos for the rest of the sequences can be designed to form a multiplex set compatible with them.

Extensive support for qPCR Assays & SNP/Expression Microarrays: AlleleID® designs optimal SYBR® Green primers, TaqMan® probes, TaqMan® Minor Groove Binding (MGB) probes, FRET probes or molecular beacons for real time qPCR differential gene expression and SNP genotyping assays. AlleleID® also designs primers or probes for up to ten thousand sequences in a single run for making SNP detection or expression microarrays.

MLPA® Assays: AlleleID® is the only program that designs synthetic probes for MLPA (Multiplex Ligation dependent Probe Amplification) assays and custom oligos for PamGene's PamChip® microarrays. It designs these specific and efficient probes by avoiding regions of homologies and template secondary structures for both copy number detection and mutation studies.

To activate & evaluate, follow these steps
- Install AlleleID ® from the website or the CD
- Launch and click Evaluate on the first window that opens
- Enter the evaluation key requested from us

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